About Us

AgileRise Software Services is a unit of MindWings Innovations & Technology.We embrace digital and traditional media, regardless of scope, and we make everything fun, useable, paying fine attention to detail. Agilerise Management team has a combined experience of 50+ years of experience in various industries such as Banking and Financial Services, Insurance , Analytics , Manufacturing and Education sector. We have rich expertise in technology such as IoT , Blockchain , AI .We focus on turning our client’s business ideas into successful web/mobile solutions that meet their business requirements and contribute to their strategies. We focus on building enterprise application software (EAS), business intelligence solutions, custom eLearning development . we can build solutions for practically any industry.

Our process supports companies through the paper help whole project lifecycle, from taking initial ideas to developing a strong and sound strategy for the future.
We make the complex simple and quite often simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
We have already taken peoples ideas and turned them into tangible, working results – you can see our latest work in our portfolio. Our clients love us and keep coming back.

Our Mission:

Our mission starts with a strategic roadmap which is everlasting. It emphasizes our company’s goal to achieve the standard and success which stands against our actions and decisions

  •   ► Innovation
  •   ► Entrepreneurship
  •   ► Passion
  •   ► Client Service
  •   ► Total Customer Satisfaction
  •   ► Incorporate values, which makes difference
  •   ► Giving optimistic suggestion to our clients based on their business.

Agile Rise: is a website development company.Today Web-site is a vital piece of your marketing and branding efforts. Zest helps, grow your bottom-line by developing a well designed and properly functioning software.

Our Vision:

Our vision is ” To be recognized as a worldwide leader in excellence of the 21st century ” through innovation and modern technology and by providing customizable, user-friendly web-development and software’s scaled from small business needs to large scale industries.

Our Values:

We live our values
Integrity : We consider integrity as the foundation of our Service
Workforce Diversity : We emphasize on workforce diversity to be different in some way.
Honesty : We believe honesty as the stepping stone of Client relationship.
Resilience : We can withstand any level of stress.
Quality : We are very conscious and always stress to give Quality to our Clients.

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