Mobile Development

Can be defined as an application that is specifically designed to run on a device’s operating system and machine firmware like Windows Mobile, Android, Symbian, Java ME and Palm, and typically needs to be adapted for different devices.Applications developed for hand held devices such as tab,mobile phones, smartphones, PDAs etc.
The advent of mobile technology has transformed corporate and advertising world.

The mobile revolution is right at the start of its growth curve: mobile devices are becoming cheaper and more powerful business area.A mobile application is software written for mobile devices that performs a specific task, such as a game, calendar, music player, etc.

why Mobile development ?

No more waiting to check your emails, monitor online sales, or reply to customer questions left waiting for you on your website. Mobile web development creates, implements, and helps you use the tools you need to reduce stress, increase efficiencies, and stay competitive in today’s business climate. Mobile development allows internet users to be mobile users.
As some customer intends to view a web-site on PC as well as on his cell phone, as web-application are limited to PC, hence web developers needs to develop sites that are even mobile oriented.Unofficial statistics from different sources suggest that there should be around 400,000 active native apps among write my essay various vendor and operator store fronts. Experts estimates for the total number of mobile Web apps, however, are harder to come by.

Mobile development provides new opportunities for users to access information. It is also helpful to the advertisers and companies to make available the information of their products or offers to a user at his finger tip. It is a growing phenomenon that attracts more users daily, as mobile phone technology is very handy.Smartphone’s and, more recently, tablets are increasingly becoming the computer of choice for more and more people, leaving software developers used to PC-sized application interfaces to contend with a whole new outlook.

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